For those who make the sports world go round, and are looking to make some good money while doing it, Refr has you covered!

The Simplicity You Deserve

Refr Sports has crafted a solution that puts the referee first. We make sure that you have the access and freedom to only work the games that fit your needs in regards to time, location, and compensation. We do this by providing you access to an open network of assignors near you that are looking for referees. Easily connect with assignors to see their game schedules and start getting paid!

  • Instant payouts are offered through the Refr Sports platform, and never wait longer than a week to get paid!
  • Access to all of the nearby game opportunities! Easily browse the Refr Sports network to find assignors near you that are posting games that work for you. Quickly filter by time, location, and compensation.
  • On the go, or at home, our offerings have you covered. You can accomplish tasks like managing your schedule and availability from our robust web application at home while also having the ability to pick up games on the road or cash out your earnings when you are out with friends from our mobile application!

Why We Care

Both founders of Refr Sports have a strong background in sports, having played and even officiated various sporting events. Immersed in the world of sports, we have gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by the referee industry.

While other industries that rely on 1099 workers, such as food delivery or personal care, have flourished and become increasingly streamlined, the referee industry has lagged behind. Refr Sports is determined to reverse this trend. Referees form the backbone of the industry, and we firmly believe that they deserve to enjoy the same efficiencies, freedoms, simplicities, and opportunities that are available in every other industry that employs 1099 workers.

At Refr Sports, we are dedicated to bringing about this change. We offer referees the freedom to choose when and where they work, the convenience of instant payment options, the simplicity of modern management techniques, and the opportunity to access a broad network of available games.

Join Refr Sports today, and enjoy the tools and support you need to thrive tomorrow.

Sports Organizations

Pair with a trusted assignor to ensure that you have the needed referees at all of your games, keep track of spending, and make payments all with ease. No more headaches necessary!

Referee Assignors

Pair with sports organizations, find qualified referees, manage games, and earn money all with ease on the Refr Sports platform.

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