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Refr Sports provides a robust management software tailored for the referee industry

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Tailored Solutions For You!


For those who make the sports world go round, and are looking to make some good money while doing it, Refr has you covered!

Sports Organizations

Pair with a trusted assignor to ensure that you have the needed referees at all of your games, keep track of spending, and make payments all with ease. No more headaches necessary!

Referee Assignors

Pair with sports organizations, find qualified referees, manage games, and earn money all with ease on the Refr Sports platform.

Why Refr Sports

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    Built With You, For You

    Refr Sports was designed with the help of our future users. This platform was built by input from sports organizations, referees and assignors, and we are confident that it will provide value to each and every one of you.

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    Save Time, Save Money

    Refr Sports is on a mission to bring value to the referee industry. By using our platform, you can save time and money while enjoying efficient solutions for your tasks. No upfront costs or hidden fees, just pure value. Join us and experience the difference.

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    We Make Finding What You Need Easy

    The referee industry lacks effective networking and communication. Refr Sports platform solves this by connecting you with the right individuals to achieve your goals. Whether it's finding an assignor, nearby game opportunities, or ready-to-work referees, our network has you covered.


In the Office or On The Go

In the Office or On The Go

Whether you’re an assignor managing a 500 game week from your office a referee looking to cashout your earnings while at the field, our mobile and web offerings have you covered!

Modern Technology

Modern Technology

Enjoy features like make todays world go round like real time alerts, mapping, instant payments and connected communication!

Refr Sports Network

Refr Sports Network

We make it easy for users to form mutually beneficial relationships within the referee industry. Find Sports Organizations, Referees and Referee Assignors all within the Refr Sports Network!

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