In the world of Major League Baseball (MLB), ejections are a dramatic and sometimes pivotal part of the game. While ejections are more common among players, MLB coaches also find themselves thrown out for various reasons, ranging from arguing calls to unsportsmanlike conduct. This article dives into the intriguing aspect of which MLB coaches have been ejected the most, offering insights into the fiery temperaments and passionate defense of their teams that mark the careers of these notable figures.


Understanding Ejections in MLB

Ejections in baseball are usually the result of a coach or player violating the rules or engaging in a heated dispute with an umpire. These moments often become iconic, reflecting the high stakes and intense emotions involved in professional baseball.


Top Ejected MLB Coaches:

Bobby Cox:

  • Bobby Cox, the legendary Atlanta Braves manager, holds the record for the most ejections in MLB history. His fiery temper and fierce advocacy for his team led to over 150 ejections throughout his career.

Total Ejections: 161

John McGraw:

  • John McGraw, famous for managing the New York Giants in the early 20th century, was known for his confrontational style. He amassed more than 130 ejections, a record that stood until Bobby Cox surpassed it.

Total Ejections: 132

Earl Weaver:

  • Earl Weaver, the Baltimore Orioles manager, was notorious for his explosive arguments with umpires. He was ejected close to 100 times, often for his animated and sometimes theatrical disagreements.

Total Ejections: 98

Tony La Russa:

  • Tony La Russa, with stints managing several teams including the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago White Sox, has been ejected numerous times. His strategic approach to the game often put him at odds with umpiring decisions.

Total Ejections: 91

Leo Durocher:

  • Leo Durocher, known for managing the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants, had his share of ejections, marked by his outspoken and sometimes abrasive style. 

Total Ejections: 95


Factors Influencing Ejections

Several factors contribute to a coach's likelihood of being ejected, including their communication style, passion for the game, and disagreement with umpiring decisions. A coach's temperament and their approach to defending their team's interests play significant roles.


Impact of Ejections on Teams and Coaches

While ejections can be seen as a negative mark on a coach's record, they often endear them to fans and players for their passion and commitment. In some cases, ejections have even turned the tide of games, rallying teams to perform better.



Comparing the most ejected MLB coaches provides a fascinating glimpse into different coaching styles and eras of baseball. Each of these coaches brought a unique approach to the game, and their ejection records are a testament to their intense involvement and dedication.



Ejections are a dramatic and memorable part of MLB history, and the coaches with the most ejections are often among the most colorful and passionate figures in the sport. Bobby Cox, John McGraw, Earl Weaver, Tony La Russa, and Leo Durocher each left an indelible mark on baseball, not only through their strategic acumen but also through their fiery interactions with umpires. Their ejections are a reflection of their unwavering commitment to their teams and the game of baseball.