In the high-stakes, high-pressure arena of NCAA basketball, where every decision can shift the course of a game, the significance of a seasoned and impartial referee cannot be understated. Doug Sirmons, a Virginia Beach native, embodies the epitome of fairness, professionalism, and expertise in the competitive world of college basketball officiating. His remarkable journey from the grassroots of the sport to his status as one of the NCAA's most esteemed referees showcases the passion and commitment required to excel in such a demanding field.


A Distinguished Career and Recent Accolade

Doug Sirmons' officiating career, marked by an unwavering dedication to the sport and a profound respect for its integrity, has seen him ascend through the ranks to officiate at the collegiate level's highest echelons. His path to prominence was paved with a deep-seated understanding of basketball's nuances, a clear and effective communication style, and a knack for managing the game's flow and complexities with poise and fairness.

In a testament to his outstanding contributions to college basketball, Sirmons was recently selected to officiate at the Final Four for the fifth consecutive year, an honor announced by the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee. This selection for the 2022 Final Four in New Orleans marks Sirmons' eighth appearance in nine years at this prestigious stage, leading his peers in this regard and underscoring his exceptional abilities and the trust placed in him by the basketball community.


Noteworthy Achievements

Sirmons' involvement in high-profile NCAA games, including regular-season clashes and critical tournament matches, has solidified his reputation as a leading figure in basketball officiating. His adeptness at making unbiased, decisive calls in tense game moments has significantly contributed to the fair outcomes and integrity of the matches he oversees. The NCAA's acknowledgment of Sirmons for the Final Four, alongside esteemed colleagues such as Jeff Anderson, Roger Ayers, Ron Groover, and Keith Kimble, highlights his significant impact on the sport.


Officiating Philosophy and Challenges

Rooted in a philosophy of respect, fairness, and a comprehensive grasp of basketball, Sirmons’ officiating approach underscores the importance of clear communication and consistent decision-making. His philosophy extends beyond the game's physical confines, embracing the educational value of sports and the character development of young athletes. Sirmons has gracefully navigated the myriad challenges inherent in college basketball officiating, from the game's relentless pace to evolving rules and intense public scrutiny. These experiences have only served to refine his craft and deepen his understanding of the sport.


Influence and Legacy

Beyond the court, Sirmons has significantly influenced the sport through his involvement in training and mentorship programs for aspiring referees, showcasing his commitment to nurturing the next generation of officiating talent. His dedication to promoting the values of integrity and fairness within basketball has been a cornerstone of his legacy, contributing to the ongoing development and improvement of officiating standards.



Doug Sirmons' illustrious journey in NCAA basketball officiating, highlighted by his repeated selections for the Final Four, exemplifies the excellence, dedication, and integrity required to succeed in this challenging profession. From his early days in youth leagues to the pinnacle of college basketball, Sirmons has remained committed to upholding the sport's principles of fairness and respect. As he continues to leave his mark on the national stage, his invaluable contributions to basketball and its officiating community reinforce the critical role referees play in ensuring the game's integrity and spirit remain at the forefront.